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Design and Planning

Professional Design of Your Timber Frame Building

simplydesignFRC Timber Frames has teamed up with simplydesignsolutions to offer a fantastic design and planning service.

Using our in-house design expertise and CAD modelling system, we can show you exactly how your project will be fabricated.

The viability of the structure will be verified by a certified structural engineer to ensure the integrity and strength of the timber frame meets all recommended standards.

We will then construct the timber frame and components in our workshop facility, so that they can be assembled quickly and easily.

Once foundations are prepared, we will erect the timber frame on site to your specification.

View the video below for an example of a design, showing the exterior and interior of a new timber frame build.

The following video also shows how timber frame properties are typically constructed, a process that is often quicker and more precise than building with other traditional materials.

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